Registration and Inscription

All 25 CUIEET participants in any of the modalities, must register in the general registration through the following site:


This questionary is provided with three information windows:.

The , REGISTRATION, where information about the authors have to be provided: surname, name, email, telephone and related enterprise/institution. This stage is prior to the submission of any document, and can be done at any moment, and it is not neccesary to make the submission of the abstract or the extended communication at this moment.

After fulfilling the previous step, an IDENTIFIER will be provided. With this identifier the participant will simplify subsequent processes.


The second window, SEND ABSTRACT, contains a questionary which has to be fulfilled at the momento of abstract submission, before the corresponding deadline. This questionary contains information about authors, communication title, abstract (in English and Spanish), keywords (at this stage it is optional to send the final contribution  PDF, only the abstract is required at this moment), and the target thematic area. The authors will chose the contribution type, although the Scientific Comitee has the authority of making modifications.

(only available for registered users)

The third window, COMMUNICATION SUBMISIONS is also associated to a questionary that has to be addressed once the whole communication is sent 25 CUIEET and before the corresponding deadline. The communication PDF file will be enclosed in this questionary.

(only available for registered users)

Inscription payment

The inscription payment has to be made in the following link, using your identifier. The participation modality will be selected at this momento, as well as the VIP leisure options of interest: