Publication guidelines

Normas de publicación.

In all cases (oral, poster, virtual communications), the Works have to be sunbitted to 25 CUIEET before the deadline and following the publication guidelines.

The submission must be made using the link provided at INSCRIPTION-REGISTRATION section, following the instructions given in the INSCRIPTION-COMMUNICATIONS section. 

  • Oral Communications:

The Works must be prepared as written files (Word, etc.), in english or spanish, with a maximun lenght of 10 A4 pages. The Works will be sent as PDF files according to the instructions described in Annex I.

Annex I. Instructions for 25 CUIEET communications files

Maximun length: 10 pages

  • Poster Communications: 

Although no especific format is required, the poster much include the name of the authors and their affiliation. It is recommended to include the following reference sections: heading (títle, authors, affiliation), introduction, methodology, results, conclusions and bibliographical referencesPoster elaboration for competitions.

The maximun poster surface should be A1. The use of large fonts is recommended to allow poster Reading at a distance of 80 cm.

  • Virtual Communications: 

This type of contribution requires bothe the submission of the whole work (pdf file) and a visual presentation. The latter can be made by means of a slide presentation complemented with a descriptive video, or also as video in which the presenter presents the work.

The visual and/or vídeo presentation format is free, although some size rectrictions may be applied. If you have any problema at the submission stage, please contact the Conference Organization.