Aspects to consider regarding 25 CUIEET Communications.

The 25 CUIEET accepts the presentation of Works in different formats: oral, poster and virtual communications. In all cases the work has to be sent before the deadline, and following the publication guidelines, indicated in the section INSCRIPTION-PUBLICATION.

Each registered autor can send a maximun of  two works, alone or in collaboration, per each inscription.

All communications have to be sent using the submission system available at INSCRIPTION-REGISTRATION section.

  • Oral Comunicaciones:

All Works have to be sent as PDF files, using the WORD template available in the section INSCRIPTION-PUBLICATION as annex 1.

Each oral exposition should have a duration of 10 minutes, with 5 additional minutes for questions and discussion.

We ask any presenter to contact his/her sesión moderator (contact data will be available at the detailed program) in advance to the communication, in order to get the presentations prepared.

Each room will be provided with a PC compatible with a video projector. It is recommended to bring a presentation as much independent as possible of the device/version, PDF, PowerPoint or OpenOffice (it may be advisable to embeb the figures, videos, etc.). If it is aimed to use any other audiovisual device, such as transparency or slide projector, it will have to be communicated to the Conference comitee.

The authors will be informed with time about their communication reference number, the session and the scheduled time. If by any chance there is any problem with the day and date selected for the presentation, the presenter will contact the conference organization as soon as possible to find a solution.

Once an abstract has been sent, no modification will be possible until the Scientific comitee evaluates it. Thereafter, and only in the case that changes are suggested, the authors will modify the work following the Comitee instructions. Then, they will send the modified work again, before the corresponding deadline in section INSCRIPTION-KEY DATES.

  • Poster Comunicationes:

The posters will be placed by the authors on panels on a designated space, which will be properly indicated.  They will be clipped using adhesive tape, which will be provided by the organization.

The maximux poster size is A1. It is recommended to use big size letters in order to facilitate the poster Reading at a distance of 80 cm.

  • Virtuales Communications:

The authorsmust send their pdf communication file through the corresponding site. Once accepted, the authors will receive instructions to send the slide presentation with an audio file, using ppt, pdf and/or vídeos, with a maximun size of 100 MB.

Revision and definitive submision

All the Works presented in the conference will be subjected to a pair revision process. After the revision process, the authors will be informed about their evaluation. The works calcified as “provisionally accepted” don´t require further modifications of their content, although included recommendations should be followed. On the other hand, the works marked as “accepted with conditions” require some modifications to be made according to the reviewers recommendation. The works marked as “accepted” do not require any modification.

The final communication version, in any case, has to be submitted before 30/06/2017, including the modifications suggested by the reviewers.