Participation modalities.

There are several participation/interaction options in 25 CUIEET, related to the different participation modalities provided at the REGISTRATION-MODALIDALITIES section.

1.- Assistance

The first and more basic way of participating consists in just attending the event, that is, having the possibility of attending PLENARY CONFERENCES in line with the reflection about COMPETENCES (these Conferences will soon be available at the 25 CUIEET program), participating in debate forums, communication saloons, demonstrative  workshops and co-working areas. This modality underspins the skill “To know”.

2.- Comunications

The second participation modality consists in presenting Comunications at the conference. This modality would therefore strengthen the concepts “To know how to say” and “To know how to do”.

These communications must fulfill the requirements established in REGISTRATION-PUBLICATION section, and can be:

Oral Comunications:

In this modality the author/s should prepare an abstract about their work, in English or Spanish, with a maximum extension of 10 A4 pages, which will be orally presented at the conference.

Poster Comunications:

A poster communication can be defined as that in which the autor/s present in the Conference “an enlarged graphic representation containing a title, author´s name and their institution, and the textts and figures explining a research or experience …” [Guardiola (2002), 4].

Virtual Comunications:

If you wish to participate in 25 CUIEET but you don not have the possibility of physically attending the event, the author/authors can register in the modality GENERAL VIRTUAL(*).

 (*) Virtual authors will have the right of receiving the CUIEET2017 abstract book, a participation and author certificate and an registration invoice.

3.- Workshops

 Another participation modality are demostrative workshops. This will underspin the competences “To know how to say” and “To know how to do”.

This modality entails a novelty in this edition, and consists in developing, individually or in a group, a demostrative Workshop of any theory, methodology, experience, simulation…to be shared with the participants. For it, the participants must select the corresponding option at the registration, suggesting the workshop topic and a brief description of it (what is going to be exposed and how).

The Organizing comitee will select a reduced number of workshops. Later on, the comitee will contact the authors whose workshop has been selected, in order to ask for further information that may be needed, and will ask them to fill a template defining the Workshop.

Moreover, some specific workshop will be suggested by the Organizing Comitee; the conference attendants will have the opportunity of taking part on them as a regular activity included in the GENERAL registration.

4.- Coworking Areas

The forth participation modality consists in the possibility of stablishing collaborative spaces for the Conference assistants, which will allow to initialize relations between the participants in order to form innovation/research groups on target areas. This is in coherence with the aspect “To know how to be”.

For this, the Organizing comitee will stablish short duration collaborative spaces; the attendants will select their topics of interest at the registration, by filling a formulaire. In this way, people with common interets will be gathered together, with the aim designing collaborative projects related to each topic. These spaces will be made according to previously stablished guidelines according to the model WIN-WIN, which will be given ahead of time to all interested attendants.

This will allow increasing the contact networking of the attendants, and, it is expected that the results obtained from these collaborations will be described in future editions.

5.- I Meeting Innovation and Yound Engineers (I&YE)

The fifth participation modality consists in attending the I Meeting Innovation and Yound Engineers (I&YE).

This meeting aims to gather Young students close to finish their studies, or recent graduates. They will present their experiences, reflections, proposald, business actions, problems, etc., along their teaching stages and brief professional experience. This will provide a very interesting feedback to the other conference participants (those involved in teaching-learning processes or also other Society agents such as employees, investors…)

For many students and Young engineerings, this will involve a showroom where they will be able to start creating their personal brand, showing their COMPETENCES to the employees in particular, and to the Society in general.

6.- Compagnion

The sixth participation modality is conceived for the attendant compagnions. For them, the Conference Organization has designed an intense social program, in order to make them enjoy unforgettable moments during their visit in Badajoz, related to the passage of different cultures in this land.

 7.- OCIO VIP Program for attendants and compagnions

Finally, and designed for all the Conference attendants, the Organization will launch a LEISURE VIP PROGAM, which will be tunned according to the interests of each attenddant, who will select particular activities at the Registration step.

Experiences such as Roman, Medieval and Arabic Extremadura as well as the visit to nearby Portugal, will definitely leave a permanent print on the assistant(compagnion memory.

But, as often said nowardays, we don´t want to be spoiler, and we prefer you to come and enjoy and share it with us,

We are looking forward to meeting you.