Difusión of 25 CUIEET works.

As it was also de case in previous editions, in 25 CUIEET, the Works accepted will be published in the Digital Abstract book, as long as at least one of the authors is registered before June 30th 2017.

After the pair revision process, the Works will automatically be accepted in the mentioned book. However, like in previous Conferences, there is a possibility of publishing the communications in specialized journals, only in the cases this is indicated by the authors and after a revisión made by the Conference scientific Comitee.

We are working for including several Journals in order to widen the diffusion possibilites and the curriculum benefit. The advances in this line will updated in this section.

The Journal Ingeniería Educativa, is already included in this option. This journal is an electronic journal about teaching innovation, which continues the previous experience of the physical version of the same journal.

Finally, the best 20 works with direct relation witht this edition main topic will also have the possibility of being published in a Book of experiences, with a different ISBN than the abstract book.

The Works presented in the I Meeting I&YE will also have their own diffusion pathways, similar to those described above for del 25 CUIEET.


One of the novelties of this edition contemplates the existence of several ADWARDS associated to different modalities:

  • The best Communication.
  • The best Workshop.
  • Adward to the young innovator.
  • Innovation adward.

Appart from therecognition, these adwards also involve an additional difussion way for the best works.