Welcome to 25th CUIEET

The Industrial Engineering School of the University of Extremadura, to whom I am proud to represent as headmaster, is organizing this year the 25th edition of the University Conference on Teaching Innovation on Technical Education teaching (25 CUIEET). This conference, which makes this year its silver wedding, is driven by the Conference of Technical Engineering Schools Headmasters.

The industrial Engineering School has just made 40 years, which makes it a mature teaching institution at the same time that it conserves the freshness of the first years. These reasons make this Center an ideal innovative place to celebrate this honorable Conference.

The CUIEET, initially designed as a forus for interchange of innovative experiences in the field of technical education in the frame of Industrial Engineering, has adapted to the last century quarter. In this way, the excellence of past editions is preserved, and the type of potential conference attendants have been broadened.

In this new edition, which will take place in Badajoz, during the days 5 to 8th September 2017, several novelties will be included, that will contribute to preserve the quality of this congress and to appeal a great audience.

These novelties, widely described in the corresponding section, are closely related to the term COMPETENCE or SKILL, which has gained great significance during last years, within the frame of the so called “learning thought all life” concept defined in Europe. In the frame of “Rethinking Education” proposed by the UNESCO for all educational levels, the EU has fixed as 2020target, to satisfy the increasing demand of improved competence levels and to reduce the unemployment.

For these, the 25 CUIEET has been designed with the slogan:“Innovation on technical Education in a competence-based world”

In this way, a first important change is related to the “Internacionalization” feature. The participation of portuguese and Ibero-american universities, traditionally joined to our University, will be facilitated by the possibility of virtual communications.

Another highlighting innovation of this Conference is that, during its celebration, the 1st Meeting of Innovation and Young Engineers I&YE, will also take place. This meeting is expected to be a merger nexus batween the innovation of the technical university education and the recent experrience of students who have finished their degrees during last years. The feedback and experience of these students can be of great interest for future incoming actions.

A third innovative aspect is that during the celebration of the Conference, different collaborative working spaces will be set up. The aim is to favor the creation of bonds between teachers with common interests. These working spaces will be selected at the conference registration, and will be definitely useful to develop a networking which will allow to enhance the participation in collaborative projects.

Also, several demostrative workshops are presented in this edition. These workshops will gather innovative experiences, in the three academical areas of 25 CUIEET: preuniversitary, universitary and postuniversitary.

Finally, in order to enhance the diffusion of the conference communications, several publication alternatives are presented, in all cases, subjected to a peer review process.

Moreover, a diverse and wide cultural programme has been designed, both for participants and their companions, so that they can travel through the time with us, enjoying a programme of activities which allow them to live the roman, medieval, arabic, portuguese and Extremadura history, culture and traditions.

For these reasons, and because there are not many ocassions to visit such a welcoming historic city, where one can enjoy unforgettable experiences. I encourage to participate in this new edition of CUIEET, with its numerous novelties.

I am looking forward to seeing you next September in Badajoz.

José Luis Canito Lobo

Headmaster of UEX Industrial Engineering School